Why Börkey?

Every manufacturer claims to produce QUALITY.
What does that really mean?

Reliability & Dependability

  • The product does not fail in the middle of operation


  • The product still works after many years


  • The product is not the cause for damage or injury

✅ Börkey Roller

Optimized for Highest Quality

❌ Look-A-Like Roller

Inferior Construction & Material


  • Capacity is as specified, realistic in the field, plus safety capacity.
  • The rollers actually roll, do not drag behind, and do not lock-up

Börkey Roller

ODD Number of Load Wheels

Continues rolling.
Does NOT lock up.

Odd number of load wheel construction is made for performance. At any given time, only load wheels on one side of the chain roller can come to stop in a vertical alignment. When the chain roller is asked to roll again, the hang-up force is not strong enough to keep the chain from moving and so the roller rolls forward reliably.

Look-A-Like Roller

EVEN Number of Load Wheels

Locks up when load wheels
wedge around bridge.

Even number of load wheel construction is cheaper to assemble. However, when the chain roller comes to a stop with the outside load wheels in a vertical alignment, the load wheels can wedge themselves from 2 sides around the center plate. When the chain roller is asked to start rolling again, the force is too large to shove the load wheels loose and hence the wheels lock up and the chain does not roll forward.