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JUNG Machine Skates: Air Powered

Uses shop air or an air compressor in the field

Our air powered machine skates are Made in Germany by JUNG and offer the highest reliability, ease of use and function employing superior technology, engineering, and manufacturing quality. Our equipment skates provide stable dependable transport for loads wherever shop air is available. These machine moving skates offer the following features:

JUNG air powered machine skates easily transport heavy equipment.
  • Air Propelled Transport is freely steerable under a full load.
  • Minimum setup required: Plug air hose into air supply and go.
  • 9 ft. Cable remote control (forward/reverse/stop, speed, left/right).
  • Speed: The speed can be increased seamlessly from zero to the maximum of 14 ft per minute under the full load. This is controlled via the joystick.
  • Noise Level: The unit product 80 db of noise during operation.
  • Lifetime technical support on all equipment machine skates
  • Air consumption at full load: 53 SCFM (Standard Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • Use shop air or air compressor with min. air pressure of 116 psi.
  • Note: Air pressure drops by 1.1 psi (1 bar) per 1 ft of hose.

Air-Powered Skates AP15 / B15 (each skate sold separately)

Use steerable rigging skate model AP15 & Straight-line moving skate B15 for heavy equipment moving.

Model B15 (Incl. 2 Skates)

Adjustable-Width Rear non-powered machine skates with connecting bar. Individual load capacity 15 tons.

Model AP15

Air-Powered Steerable Front machine skate with 30 ton pulling capacity. Includes remote control and 65 ft. air supply hose.

Expertly manufactured in Germany by JUNG and exclusively stocked and distributed in North America by Toolwell, Inc.


Pulling Capacity: 30 tons (60,000 lbs)
Set Load Capacity: 30 tons (60,000 lbs)
Each Skate Capacity: 15 tons (30,000 lbs)

5.5" Wheels

(7.1" Skate Height)
Non-Floor Damaging
For Level Surfaces

All machine skates and toe jacks are manufactured by JUNG in Germany. Toolwell is the exlusive manufacturer's representative for JUNG load moving equipment in North America. Please call us for sales and support, including same day shipping of parts and equipment from our US warehouses.