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JUNG Lifting Dollies: Lift and roll box-shaped loads

 features and functionality of Lift and Roll Dollies. Toolwell is the largest supplier of industrial cabinet movers for cube-shaped load lifting and transport.
  • Ideal for moving industrial cabinets, vaults, boxes or cube-shaped machines.
  • All-in-one: Lift load. Roll load. Steer load.
  • Thin diamond steel loading plate.
  • Polyurethane wheels protect your floors.
  • Rolls & steers easily.
  • Outfitted with large diameter wheels with ball bearings.
  • Set of 2 dollies plus two tie down straps.
Made in Germany:
  • Manufactured by JUNG

Our lifting dollies are Made in Germany by JUNG and offer the highest reliability, ease of use and function employing superior technology, engineering, and manufacturing quality. The lifting dollies will lift and transport, roll & turn easily, and move loads safely even at the maximum rated capacity. These lifting dollies offer the following features:

How to use: Position one dolly on each side of the load. Push nose plates under load. Strap together to hold in place. Pump each unit to lift up load. Now roll.

Industrial Lifting Dolly LD1.8 (Sold in sets of 2)

Use steerable rigging skate model 20G-plus & Straight-line moving dolly  for heavy equipment moving.

Model LD1.8

Two (2) lifting dollies

Two (2) tie down straps

Lift Capacity:
1.8 tons (3,950 lbs)

Lift Height7.1"
Nose Plate Depth2"
Nose Plate Thickness0.15" (4mm)
Retracted Height39.6"
Length of Tie Down Straps16'
Wheel Diameter5.9"
Weight165 lbs

All machine skates and toe jacks are manufactured by JUNG in Germany. Toolwell is the exlusive manufacturer's representative for JUNG load moving equipment in North America. Please call us for sales and support, including same day shipping of parts and equipment from our US warehouses.