Börkey Chain Rollers: Model Series KB

  • Months of static load bearing
  • Short distance travel
  • Intermittent rolling
  • Easy rolling after long standstill under load

  • Bolt-on
  • Low-profile
  • Robust interlocking carbon steel frame construction
  • Hardened steel center plate
  • Hardened load wheels

Corrosion Resistance:
  • Wheels blackened, zinc-phosphate coated frame, and galvanized wheels, axles & links for upgraded corrosion resistance.
Applications: Used in scaffolding, steel and mining, machine fabrication, general construction and in heavy industry. Use also upside-down as conveyor. Made in Germany:
Manufactured by Börkey



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KB #1 10 tons 2.5 in $318.00
KB #2 15 tons 2.9 in $393.00
KB #3 30 tons 3.5 in $474.00
KB #4 60 tons 5.0 in $1,104.00
KB #5 80 tons 5.8 in $1,589.00
Expertly manufactured in Germany by Borkey and exclusively stocked and distributed in North America by Toolwell, Inc.
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Chain Roller Information

Model Series:

  • U.S. Model Series: KB
  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): B-H (with option package G)
  • Manufacturer product name: Roller Skate – The Robusts


  • Chain rollers are ideal for months of static load bearing.
  • They excel at short distance rolling.
  • Intermittent travel also works very well.
  • These chain rollers continue to easily roll even after long standstills under heavy loads.


  • Low Profile Design recesses the mounting plates into the side walls
  • Bolts on for permanently attaching chain rollers to loads or machines.


  • Each roller sold separately

Quality Level Classification

  • Heavy Duty Roller (Levels: Standard | Heavy | Super | Ultra)


  • Robust carbon steel construction with interlocking frame design
  • Hardened steel center plate
  • Hardened load wheels

Corrosion Resistance:

  • Blackened load wheels plus zinc-phosphate coated frame for basic corrosion resistance
  • Additionally, galvanized load wheels, axles and links provide upgraded weather resistance


  • Most often used in scaffolding, steel erecting, moving heavy loads over short distances in mining, steel industry, machine fabrication, general construction and other heavy industrial plants
  • For transporting equipment and other loads on steel frames
  • Rollers can be used up-side-down as a conveyor when the Rollers are stationary, and the load is moving


  • Manufactured by Börkey
  • Made in Germany

Other specs:

  • Maximum safe speed: 16 feet per minute
  • Minimum turning radius: 10 feet
  • Rolling resistance (on solid surface such as steel)
    • Sizes # 1-3: 5-7 % of load weight
    • Sizes # 4-6: 3-5 % of load weight

Other Important Information:

  • Individual roller capacities are calculated based on moving the load across a steel surface (all wheels are touching the floor and the load weight is equally divided across the roller footprint). When using 4 (or more) rollers, load may rock on uneven surface, increasing load weight applied to any roller. Therefore, select suitable rated roller capacity carefully.
  • Börkey Rollers are made to run on a solid strong surface such as steel. Operating the rollers across concrete floors – especially repeatedly along the same path - may damage the floor. For best results use on suitable tracks, e.g., crane rails or steel beams.
  • The track or floor surface is vital for the safe transportation of the load, not just the carrying capacity of the Roller. Movement on tarmac and concrete is restricted, and the rollers should never be used on uncovered tile. For best results on tile, concrete, or tarmac we recommend putting a steel plate of a minimum of 0.4-inch thickness underneath.
  • Rollers with larger diameter wheels will roll more easily than those with smaller wheels. Problems such as high rolling resistance on certain surface types such as concrete, or resulting floor scratching, can be avoided by choosing roller models with a larger load wheel diameter. Consequently, if moving across concrete floors, size #3 rollers (1.2 inch/30mm wheel diameter) or larger should be used.
  • Precautionary measures must be taken for use on inclines to avoid run-away loads!
  • When mixing and matching rollers (or different load supports), keep the load at same loading height. Otherwise rollers will tip and become point-loaded.

How Does This Chain Roller Differ From Other Börkey Models?

Every Börkey chain roller starts with a “Made-in-Germany” - interlocking solid frame design, however, each component can be upgraded to improve certain performance characteristics allowing a perfect configuration for any application.

The standard Börkey chain roller features the Solid frame construction with hardened steel load wheels. These Rollers are specifically made for installation of machines & material handling where the rollers are only loaded for a short time and roll short distances. (Models KK, KN and KC).

Hardening the center plate additionally significantly improves the ease of rolling after long standstill under load. These Robust Rollers are made for loads that sit longer on the dollies, roll a short distance but must roll after an extended period of inactivity such as during construction. (Models KB and KA.)

Further upgrading to the Super Robust construction provides superior strength and stability against torsion and fatigue over time under extreme loads and extreme rolling forces. Using load wheels manufactured from hardened 50CrV4 steel creates a higher safety capacity against point loading (rocking) and side forces (wind). The addition of a “channel”-type chain guide to the center plate keeps the load wheels in a track preventing wheels from scraping against the walls and prevents chain damage. These Chain Rollers are specifically made for permanent load carrying, where loads sit on these rollers for many years, must roll a long distance, and must be safe even when subjected to rocking or side forces. (Models KS and KZ.)

By adding a groove into the middle of each wheel and outfitting the center plate with a “center”-type chain guide to run inside the wheel groove wear on the wheels is completely eliminated. This allows the rollers to be used frequently. (Model KM)

All roller models have “blackened” wheels plus a zinc-phosphate coated frame to provide a durable basic level of corrosion resistance. Galvanization of wheels, axles and links improves the corrosion resistance significantly. (Models KB, KA, KS, KZ and KM). Additional options such as galvanization of frame, stainless steel components and marine & offshore coatings are available. (Models KS, KZ and KM).

All rollers are manufactured by Börkey in Germany. Toolwell is the exclusive manufacturer's representative for Börkey load moving equipment in North America. Please call us for sales and support, including same day shipping of parts and equipment from our US warehouses.