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Volume discounts available on selected items. Blanket orders accepted.

Order Cancellations & Returns

  • Most order CANNOT be cancelled
  • NO RETURNS accepted

Cancellations Before Items Ship

Once any in-stock order is being processed, the order cannot be cancelled. We may be able to cancel an order if we receive the cancellation request before processing begins. Please call customer service as soon as possible to determine if a cancellation is possible. A restocking fee of 30% ($50 minimum) applies and must be paid via credit card at the time of order cancellation.

Non-stock and special order products cannot be cancelled.

Returns After Items Ship

We do not accept returns once the items have shipped. We cannot determine if a returned item has been used or not, even if the equipment is returned in the original packaging. Returned equipment cannot be tested for fractures or tears due to possible overloading by the previous customer. Returned equipment therefore cannot be sold to the next customer as new with the original factory issued capacity rating or any applicable load proof testing meeting OSHA, ANSI or other possible safety regulations.

Inspect Before Use

The customer is responsible for immediately inspecting each product for order accuracy, defects in manufacturing, shipping damage, or any other problem. DO NOT USE the product(s) if it appears not to conform to the order or if the product(s) appears to be defective. Contact customer service within 7 days of receiving the item for exchange.

Products To Be Used By Experienced Operators ONLY!

Our products are NOT intended for home use.

Our industrial products are intended to be used by experienced operators that have received the necessary training in operating the product(s) and that understand all current applicable safety rules and regulations.

We are not responsible for how these tools are used and we do not guarantee that the tools will work for the intended use.