10,000+ Tools to Move Heavy Loads

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High Capacity Machinery Skates

pic of JUNG Machine Skate for a moving load

Heavy Duty - Supports 25 to 160 tons

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Container Dollies

Machine Skate for ISO Shipping Container by JUNG picture.

For ISO Containers up to 60 tons

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Special Application Toe Jacks

JUNG confined space toe jack for a heavy equipment transport system pictures

Lift heavy loads in confined spaces

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Pump Operated Toe Jacks

JUNG pump operated toe jack for load handling pictures

Lift using Hand or Electric Pump

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Why choose JUNG load moving equipment?

Our machine skates, machine skates & toe jacks combine for easy heavy load moving. Each component is Made in Germany by Jung and offers the highest reliability, ease of use and function by employing superior technology, engineering, and manufacturing quality. Our load moving tools provide stable & dependable support to lift & move heavy loads, roll & turn easily, and safely even at the maximum rated capacity. Our load moving products for heavy loads offer the following features:

Machine Skates

  • Protection: Patented JUWAthan Rollers will not damage floors or leave marks.
  • Safety: Low Profile Industrial Skates keeps the load close to the ground.
  • Stability: Our 3 point machine skate system will not slip - even under pulling & tugging.
  • Customization: Mix & Match individual machine skates to transport oddly shaped loads.
  • The only machine skate series Tested & Certified to ANSI B30.1 Safety Standards

Toe Jacks

  • Low Profile: Grab under low clearance load with high strength thin toe.
  • Protection: Trust in the precise lowering control for delicate operations.
  • Safeguard: Overload protection valve prevents damage to toe jacks.
  • Stable ∓ safe support in any position with swivel feet that adapt to available clearance.
  • Patented slide shoe design on Pump Operated ∓ Compact Toe Jacks counterbalances torque ∓ extends life beyond any conventional toe jack.
  • Tip & Roll toe jacks for easy transport of select Pump Operated ∓ Compact Toe Jacks.

We understand that our heavy load handling solutions must meet our customer’s needs for reliable load or equipment moving ∓ lifting- even after many years of use. Our machine skates and high capacity toe jacks are known for high QUALITY. Clients like NASA and the US Military have found out that not only are our load transport systems are perfectly designed and engineered for each application, but the materials and components are innovative and revolutionary themselves. They are why our toe jacks and machine skates hold up to the tough demands of modern industry; they are TRUSTED to lift & move heavy loads in any field, varying from a manufacturing machine to nuclear materials. Trust a German made JUNG load transport system for all your machine skate, machine skate, and toe jack needs.

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