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Made in Germany • Distributed in North America
Machine Rollers for Moving Heavy Loads

Why Choose Börkey Rollers or JUNG Machine Skates for your heavy equipment moving needs?

Börkey invented the first machinery roller during World War II and have continued their tradition of German Engineering and German manufacturing ever since, becoming known worldwide for their reliability and dependability. Their machinery mover roller dollies feature steel roller chains and are used in construction, manufacturing & fabrication, and in equipment and machine moving. JUNG Machine Skates and dollies, also designed and built in Germany, feature patented JUWAthan Rollers that go where machinery rollers' steel can't, handling imperfect and fragile floors, and provide enhanced turn and steerability.

Whether you choose our rollers, equipment mover roller dollies, or rigging skates & machine skates you can be confident that they offer the highest reliability, ease of use and function by employing superior technology, engineering, and manufacturing quality. Our machinery movers and equipment skates provide stable, dependable support for load transport, roll and move loads safely even at the maximum rated capacity.

Peace of Mind: Lifetime Technical Support on all industrial rollers.

We understand that our heavy roller systems must meet our customer’s needs for reliable load moving & lifting- even after many years of use. Our Equipment Rollers, Roller Dollies, Machinery Movers, Machine Skates, and Rigging Skates are known for high QUALITY. Clients like NASA and the US Military have found out that not only are our heavy roller, transport roller, & handling roller systems and lifting jacks are designed and engineered for each application, while the materials and components are revolutionary. They are why our machine rollers hold up to the harsh demands of modern industry; they are TRUSTED to transport vital heavy loads in any field, varying from a manufacturing machine to nuclear materials. Trust German made Börkey Rollers & JUNG heavy duty material handling supplies for all your machine skate, industrial rollers, and toe jack needs.

Toolwell is the North American manufacturer’s rep for Börkey Rollers & JUNG rigging equipment.