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JUNG - Tandem Machine Skates - Set - Capacity 60 tons / 120,000 lbs - MPN JTLB30G-JFB30G

Model T30B30
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Set Capacity
60 tons
120,000 lbs
One steerable and one straight-line unit

Quick Info

  • Two interconnected steerable front cassettes with pulling handle
  • Two straight-line rear cassettes with connecting bar
  • Machine skates will roll & steer easily at max capacity, where others would fail to roll. 
  • Possesses safety capacity above rated capacity. 
  • 4-point support system. 
  • Move loads with uneven weight distribution and loads without center support. 

  • All models sold separately. Mix & match individual machine skates to fit oddly shaped loads. 
  • Patented JUWAthan wheels will not damage floors. 
  • Fewer large diameter wheels - compared to using greater number of small wheels - maintains functionality with larger loads.
Attention! For special applications. Consider a 3-point system before using this 4-point system. 

Manufacturer: JUNG - Made in Germany


Made by JUNG - Since 1972
       25+ Years of Parts Available

Toolwell: Exclusive North American distributor for JUNG 
  • US-based Sales 
  • Stocked and Shipped from the US
  • Engineering & Lifetime Technical Support


Capacity (Tons)
Capacity Of Each Load Cassette (Tons)
Floor Condition
For Rough Floors
Front Cassette Spread Width (In)
50 - 63
Front Skate L x W (In)
54.3 x 24
Height (In)
JTLB 30 G and JFB 30 G
Pull Handle Length (In)
Rear Connecting Bar Length (In)
Rear Skate L X W (In)
18 x 15.8
Set Capacity (Tons)
Skate Height (In)
Use in environment
Indoor and Outdoor
5 Years
Weight (Lbs) - Shipping weight
Weight of Set (Lbs) - Product weight
Wheel Diameter (In)
Wheel Type


3.3" Wheels   |   4.3" Skate Height 
Non-Floor Damaging     For Level Floors
Patented JUWAthan+ wheels: Material baked in oven onto core for toughness & elastic performance characteristics.

Wheel Size: Fewer large diameter wheels - compared to using a greater number of small diameter wheels - maintains ease of rolling of larger loads. Wheel size 3.3" and 3.5" for level floor and 5.5" and larger additionally for asphalt use.

Wheel series: K-full (3.3" x 3.3" x 1.0" ID), on "T"-model
K-half (3.3" x 1.7" x 1.0" ID), on "B"-model

Product In Use

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Pressure on Thin Floors Pressure on Thin Floors
Wheel Details
Capacity & Safety Factor
Quality Standard
Common Configurations
Manpower Requirements
Importance of Skate Size


JUNG Tandem Machine Skates

Use 4-point tandem machine skates in applications not suitable for 3-point systems. Examples: Use skates when Center of Gravity is located on the side, when load is top-heavy, or for cradle support applications.

JUNG tandem machine skates are Made in Germany and offer the highest reliability, ease of use and function employing superior technology, engineering, and manufacturing quality. Our heavy load moving skates provide stable dependable support for load transport, roll & turn easily, and move loads safely even at the maximum rated capacity. These machinery moving skates offer the following features:

Key Advantages:

  • Tandem machine skates will roll & steer easily at max capacity, where others would fail to roll.
  • Skates possess safety capacity above rated capacity.
  • 4-point support system.
  • Move loads with uneven weight distribution and loads without center support.
  • All models sold separately. Mix & match tandem skates with individual machine skates of same height to fit oddly shaped loads.
  • Patented JUWAthan wheels will not damage floors.
  • Fewer large diameter wheels - compared to using greater number of small wheels - maintains functionality with larger loads.
  • Made in Germany
  • Manufactured by JUNG
  • US based Sales and Lifetime Technical Support
  • Parts available for all products dating back 40+ years.


  • Ideal for moving machines, equipment, and material from point A to point B during installation, maintenance, and relocation.
  • For transporting loads on smooth concrete, asphalt, or steel plates.


  • When used in a standard configuration with a steerable front and straight-line rear skate, skates are freely steerable with maneuverability of a car: the front steers while the rear follows.
    The skates can be mixed and matchd with other JUNG skates (of the same height) for other configurations.
  • Steerable dollies can be connected to a forklift or towing vehicle and skates will follow in any direction. Skates can also be pushed backwards.


  • Manufactured by JUNG
  • Made in Germany
  • For 40+ years


  • The steerable front skates ("T"-models) come with two individual interconnected load cassettes, with a pulling handle. The smallest tandem skates only come with a handlebar while the larger skates are outfitted with a towing eye for attachment to a forklift.
  • All straight-line rear skates ("B"-models) include a set of two straight-line load cassettes with connecting bar(s). Skates can be used without connecting bars.


  • All tandem machine skates are outfitted with patented JUWAthan wheels.
  • Wheel material is specifically engineered for elasticity, providing unsurpassed floor protection, shock absorbency, largest footprint at lowest rolling and turning resistance.
  • The material molds around an obstacle and keeps on rolling instead of getting locked up by the obstacle. No stop, up & over action required like with other wheels.
  • Wheel material has extremely long life and extremely low failure rating.
  • For smooth and rough floors, for floors with cracks and dirt.
  • With sealed ball bearings against contamination with dirt for both inside and outside use.
  • Spreads out weight over larger footprint to provide low pressure on floors.
  • Low break-out & low rolling resistance.
  • Low push-pull force and low manpower requirements.
  • Reliable under toughest working conditions.
  • Wheels provide superior performance and durability over traditional polyurethane, composite, and steel wheels.

Skate Sizes:

  • Wheel size and overall skate height increases with increased load bearing capacity.
  • This assures consistently low rolling resistance and reduces the risk of point-loading wheels.
  • Larger wheels can bridge larger obstacles and can handle rougher floor conditions.


  • Machine skates are built using 4-way steel bending technology with frames that twist under excessive forces to prevent fractures, while maintaining functionality.
  • Materials including steel and wheel material are specifically manufactured for its use. We do not use untested garden-variety materials.
  • Factory is ISO certified, uses state-of-the-art production tools including welding robots to assure each product meets consistent quality.
  • Each tandem skate is outfitted with an anti-slip load pad.

Quality Level

  • Made in Germany
  • All tandem machine skates have significant safety capacity above the rated load bearing capacity so all products can be used the maximum rated capacity.
  • All new products undergo long testing period in the lab and in the field before release to public.
  • All skates are tagged with a serial number and any defects are traced.
  • All machine skates come with a 5-Year manufacturer's warranty; Exception: All electrical and air-powered products come with a 1-Year manufacturer's warranty.

Parts & Service:

  • Machinery skates are built modular so components can easily be replaced.
  • Toolwell provides lifetime technical and parts support.
  • Toolwell provides support beyond just sales. We frequently advise customers on load moving applications many years after products have been purchased.
  • Engineering level support available
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