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JUNG - Hydraulic Hand Pump - w 2 Nozzles - MPN JP26

Model P26
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Compatible with:
any One or Two
5 or 10 ton Jacks
One pump, oil filled, ready to use

Quick Info

Manual Hydraulic Pump for simultaneous operating up to two (2) jacks.

Compatible With:
Any one or two 5 or 10 ton hydraulic jacks

Includes: One pump

Manufacturer: JUNG - Made in Germany

Operating Pressure: 7540psi
  • Operate machinery jacks from a distance with an external pump. 
  • Use hydraulic pumps to operate one single jack or multiple jacks simultaneously. 
  • Pumps available for hand or electric operation. 
  • Pumps outfitted with 2 connection nipples. 
ATTENTION: When operating multiple machinery jacks with pump, each jack has to carry the same weight or the jacks will not lift simultaneously. For uneven loads, operate each jack independently.


JP 26

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MSDS for Hydraulic Oil MSDS for Hydraulic Oil


JUNG hydraulic pumps are made to seamlessly integrate with JUNG toe jacks, offering a heightened level of efficiency and safety during lifting operations. Utilizing an external pump provides users with the advantage of stepping away from the toe jack during the lifting process, enhancing overall safety measures. 


Operate machinery jacks from a distance with the convenience of an external pump.
Hydraulic pumps are designed for use with a single jack or multiple jacks simultaneously, providing unparalleled flexibility.
Pumps, hoses, and jacks are all equipped with drip-free quick connectors for clean and efficient operation.
Precise lowering control for delicate operations.
Pumps come pre-filled with oil, ensuring they are ready for immediate use.


US-based Sales and Lifetime Technical Support available.
Rated for full capacity use due to superior safety standards.
Thorough lab and field testing before public release.
Serialized for defect traceability.

Size and Compatibility: 

Hydraulic pumps come with 2 connection nipples, allowing the operation of 1 or 2 jacks simultaneously (P30 available via special order with 4 nipples).
Hydraulic pumps operate at 7,540 psi (Caution: Do not use with 10,000 psi pumps!).


JUNG, the manufacturer of the first machine skate and toe jack.
Made in Germany for over 50 years.

Included: One hydraulic pump.


Ideal for lifting machines, equipment, and materials in conjunction with Jung toe jacks.

Application Use and Limitations:

When operating multiple machinery jacks with a pump, ensure each jack carries the same weight to facilitate simultaneous lifting. For uneven loads, operate each jack independently, maintaining optimal safety and performance.

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