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ForkFangs - Forklift Tie-Down Clamps - Standard - Set of 4 - Binding Capacity 4,400 lbs

Model FF1
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Set Capacity
2.2 tons
4,400 lbs
Set of 4 pieces

Quick Info

Includes: Two (2) screw-type clamps and two (2) eye-tope clamps. 

  • Provides secure attachment points and stationary stops for stability during lifting and transport. 
  • The Screw Type clamps are block style with two compression bolts that secure to forks. 
  • The Eye Type clamps are heavy-duty eye style fittings that slide over forks. 
  • Galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion. 
  • For use with nylon tie-downs and binder chains. 
Manufacturer: JUNG - Made in Germany
How To Use 
  • Slide Screw Type clamps to rear area of forks, clamp securely in place by tightening bolts. 
  • Grab the load with the forks. 
  • Slide Eye Type clamps onto the front of the forks. 
  • Run sling from rear Screw Type clamps overtop of load to front Eye Type clamps and secure. 
  • Use with any nylon straps or load binder chains matching the needed capacity.
  • Safely secure heavy loads to the forks of a forklift. 
  • Not for overhead lifting or suspending of loads.


Bind Capacity Per Set (Lbs)
Capacity Each Bracket (Lbs)
Eye Height (In)
Eye Length (In)
Eye Width (In)
Fits Fork Heights (In)
1.25 - 2
Fits Fork Widths (In)
4 - 6
Klemme 1
4 piece set
Screw Length (In)
Screw Width (In)
Use in environment
Indoor and Outdoor
5 Years
Weight (Lbs) - Product weight
Weight (Lbs) - Shipping weight

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Made by JUNG - Since 1972
       25+ Years of Parts Available
Toolwell: Exclusive North American distributor for JUNG 
  • US-based Sales 
  • Stocked and Shipped from the US
  • Engineering & Lifetime Technical Support


JUNG Fork Fangs Forklift Tie-Down Clamps are engineered to ensure the secure transport of heavy loads with your forklift. Designed for optimal load stability during lifting and transportation, these clamps feature two 'Screw type' clamps and two 'Eye type' clamps in a set of four pieces. The 'Screw type' clamps are block-type forklift fork clamps with compression bolts, while the fixed 'Eye type' clamps are heavy-duty fittings that slide over the ends of the forks once the forks have been engaged with the load. To prevent rust and corrosion, the clamps are galvanized, offering durable and reliable performance.

How to Use:

1. Slide 'screw-type' clamps to the rear area of forks and securely tighten bolts in place.
2. Engage the load with the forks.
3. Slide 'eye-type' clamps onto the front of the forks.
4. Run an appropriate sling or chain from the rear 'screw-type' clamps to the front 'eye-type' clamps over the top of the load and secure.
5. Utilize nylon straps or load binder chains that match the required capacity.


Suits various forklift sizes.

Size & Compatibility:  JUNG Fork Fangs Forklift Tie-Down Clamps come with adjustable 'screw-type' mounting brackets, accommodating various fork widths. The fixed 'eye-type' clamps are suitable for all forks up to 2 inches in height. Detailed information can be found in the “functionality manual” under Product Guides & Documents on this page.


Choose between two versions:

Standard version: Fixed eye bolts for strapping in-line.
Deluxe version: Swivel eye bolts for versatile strapping in any direction. 


JUNG, the manufacturer of the first machine skate and toe jack.
Made in Germany for over 50 years.

Each set of JUNG Fork Fangs Forklift Tie-Down Clamps comprises of (2) 'eye-type' and (2) 'screw-type' forklift tie-down clamps.

US-based Parts & Service:

Lifetime technical and parts supported.
Extensive load-moving advice provided beyond sales.
Engineering-level support available for all machine skates and accessories.

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