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Learn: Compact Toe Jacks

The compact toe jacks are made in Germany and have been engineered in cooperation with professional riggers for ease of use and safety. The jacks have been field tested and continuously improved for over 50+ years to operate reliably under the toughest working conditions. The lifting toe has a very low profile so it can grab under loads with low clearance between the bottom of the load and the ground.

This toe can be locked into different starting positions so if the load sits on 5-inch legs, you can immediately position the toe at 5 inches rather than having to pump up to this height. When jacking up the load, the silver lift and toe travels upwards, guided inside the red shaft. This is called a "Slide Shoe Design." The toe is firmly held in a vertical path, so the jack does not tip forward. You can either lift with the toe, or the top loading plate. The handle is also detachable if more clearance is needed for access to the top loading plate.

The jack comes with swivel feet. If you have enough clearance underneath the load, you can position the feet forward for max stability. If you are picking up the load from the side, you can swivel the feet outwards for side support. If you do not have enough space or clearance, you can swivel the feet completely out of the way.

The toe is designed to teeter in order to compensate for the leaning of loads. As the load travels upwards, it starts to lean. The toe leans with the load (up to a 10% angle) while the jack stays upright. The jack can also be used on an inclining ground with a 10% incline. As the jack leans, the toe provides horizontal support for the load.

The controls are located on the tank (the main part) of the jack. The black knob is the lowering control. This gives you precise control over gently lowering the load to the ground. A breather valve is located in the center of the tank which works together with an overload protection valve which safeguards the internal mechanical components from breaking when the jack is overloaded.

The jack can also be operated with an external pump. For this purpose, the jack is outfitted with a drip free quick connector. The pumping mechanism swivels with the pumping handle to accommodate operation from any direction in confined spaces. You can also lock the pumping handle in an upright position and then tip the jack back onto its wheels and roll it like a vacuum cleaner.

The jacks are built to last under the toughest working conditions. If ever overloaded, we carry the replacement parts. Please see our slide show on warranty and reparability. For technical specifications for each jack model, please refer to the printable data sheets located underneath each product listing on the website.

Please feel free to call us with any technical questions. 1-800-786-6112