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Learn: How to Use Skates & Jacks

Step One:

Lift up the back end of the load first. You can use one or two jacks simultaneously.

Step Two:

Slide the rear skates underneath the load, and then lower the load onto the skates.

Step Three:

Now lift-up the other end of the load.

Step Four:

Slide the single dolly underneath the other end. Lower the load onto the dolly.

Step Five:

Now push the load. The pulling handle can also be hooked to a forklift for towing.

If you have just one jack, lift the part of the load directly next to the single front dolly. You can also use 4 jacks simultaneously to lift-up all four corners so you can position all skates under the load at the same time.

Please feel free to call us with any technical questions. We carry a variety of Rigger and Millwright dollies and skates, plus rigging and heavy equipment moving tow and toe jacks. 1-800-786-6112