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The dollies, skates and jacks are Made in Germany by Jung. For 50+ years, the manufacturer never branched out into other product lines (like most companies) but concentrated on making their products better. This resulted in products with the highest quality, reliability, and ease of use. Before leaving the factory, all products are function tested to ensure zero defects. They also come ready for use with no assembly required.

The machine skids and trolleys are resistant against impact loading and have a safety factor above and beyond the rated capacity, which assures that the equipment will not fail - even at the max rated capacity. The jacks are also outfitted with an overload protection mechanism that will prevent damage if overloaded.

All products including our heavy equipment skates, machine dollies, load skids, heavy equipment lifting jacks and mover trolleys come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty from Jung that covers everything - including the wheels, as long as you do not overload the equipment. Jacks and dollies are built to last under the toughest working conditions. However, the products can be repaired easily in case you ever overload them, drop one accidentally from a tall building or need to do maintenance after 10 years of use.

The jacks and dollies have a repair-friendly design. Anyone can take the equipment skates and dollies apart and replace broken parts. These trolleys and load skids are held together with one-size-fits-all clip rings. It's simple to remove and replace frame cassettes, wheels, axles, pulling handle, bearings, etc.

The jacks have a modular design for easy repair. Every part can also be removed and replaced. To repair the internal components of the jacks, simply unscrew the pumping handle and lift out the entire mechanical assembly.

You'll find the schematic drawings of the components, parts lists, and repair manuals on our website. We carry all the replacement parts to get you up and running again. Each product comes with lifetime technical support.

The hotline is listed on the products themselves. Call the 800-Number on the label for rigging advice, operating instructions, or maintenance issues.

Please feel free to call us with any technical questions. 1-800-786-6112